Friday, May 12, 2006

Too Much at Stake

For the record, I will support the DFL endorsed candidate for US Senate, whomever that may be. Should a candidate decide to run in the primary against the endorsee, they will be ignored, marginalized and written off. Too much is at stake to allow for some internal squabble in the party, while the Right sits back collecting interest on their campaign war chest while the DFL spends all their money running against each other.

It is almost a forgone conclusion that Amy Klobuchar will receive that endorsement, and probably on the first ballot. There is a 'Peace First' contingent within the party. These individuals are mostly Bell supporters, but will most likely vote uncommitted on the first ballot in a show of solidarity. This will in effect cancel out any possible opportunity for Bell to even compete for the nomination.

I'm with Matt at MNPublius on this one:
I think Ford Bell is a good man, but he's just simply not the right man for the Senate seat. Say what you will of the benefits of a contested primary, true democracy, et cetera, but the real question is should Bell be in this race? This is one of the biggest races in the country this year, the GOP's best chance at picking up a Senate seat, and Bell's going to stay in the primary just because he can? With all due respect Mr. Bell, please take a look at your numbers, it's too big a gap to make up at this point. You might gain momentum, but you're months behind everyone and their engines are already chugging.

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