Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Idol Five

Everyone got to sing twice tonight, for some, that was very fortunate. Here is my take, in order of preference.

Taylor: 2 fer 2, SImply amazing. Taylor Played that Funky Music from Wild Cherry and was the showman we have come to enjoy. Then he slowed down a bit for a Beatles classic ("Something") that allowed him to show his softer side, with a touch of power. Taylor is still the one to beat, but there is another right on his heals

Chris: Right up there with Taylor. In fact, had I not listened to the judges, or re-watched his performances I would have given Chris the #1 nod tonight. He nailed 'Renagade' and was in a position to secure himself into the top slot. But his performance of 'I Dare You' started out great, then he clearly strained towards the end. Over sung more then tired Vocal Chords. Chris needs to relax a bit and respect his talent. If he can do that, Taylor may just end up #2

Katharine: Her attempt at 'Against All Odds' was the #10 performance of the evening. She redeemed herself with "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree". Kat was in her element during that performance. She milked the crowd, owned the song, and once again showed why she was still in the competition. She saved herself from elimination.

Elliot: Bad night for Elliot. Still one of the better vocalists in the show, but tonight he was a bit off. On Broadway was just plain, and 'Home' seemed out of place in this night of some pretty rock solid performances.

Paris - Taking on a Prince song was pretty brave, choosing 'Kiss' as that song was suicidal. Only Prince can pull that off, and Paris was not even close. Her second performance was much better. Her rendition of 'Be Without You' may save her from the cellar, but at this stage of the competition I think it was too little too late.

Its Paris or Elliot going home tonight. I'd put my money on Paris. Here is DialIdol's take:
1 33.232 Taylor Hicks
2 27.774 Chris Daughtry
3 27.643 Elliott Yamin
4 24.583 Katharine McPhee
4 23.375 Paris Bennett
These stats, based on busy signal frequency, confirms Taylor's 'One to Beat' status. However it also shows that Elliott's base continues to grow. With Katharine's number waning, even after a pretty good second performance almost ensures an all male Final Three.

Bogus Doug has a mini-review up, but you'll have to check back later for his full review.


UPDATE: I nailed it! Elliott and Paris in the Bottom. Bye, Bye, Princess P. You are an amazing talent and have a bright future ahead of you. Ta think, she is only 17!

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