Monday, May 08, 2006

The Hillary Test

The busy endorsing weekend has provided us with an interesting peak into what could happen if a polarizing candidate is endorsed for the 2008 Presidential nod. I have made it no secret that I do not see a scenario where I could vote for Hillary Clinton for President. The party needs to rally behind a candidate with conviction, a concern for the future of our country, and most importantly, no baggage. What we saw the Rovian Right do to Kerry with the assistance of the Smear Boaters, a Hillary run would be like shooting fish in a barrel. With all the talent the Left has to offer, they would be wise to steer clear of Hillary. And now we can see why as we watch the race in the MN 6th district.

The 6th District GOP has endorsed Michele 'The Hater' Bachmann. Ms. Bachmann is nothing more then a one trick pony. She has no respect for peoples' right to live their lives under the law. She wants to impose her own religious views and beliefs on everyone, with no respect for their constitutional rights and protections.

The Delegates of the 6th had three other candidates to choose from. Traditional budget hawks with tight purse strings and a shared social platform. But they have now made 'hate' their modus operandi. Two of these candidates Krinkie and Knoblauch are experienced legislators who raised serious concerns to the Democratic opposition. What happened in the 6th, is what just may happen in the '08 Democratic Presidential race. The delegates went with Bachmann, the most vulnerable and beatable candidate on the ballot.

Even those on the Right are concerned about her candidacy. In listening to the NARN show over the weekend, some of them have even stated they are going to sit this one out. And if enough GOPers stay home in the 6th on election day, that would effect the ballot all the way up the line, including Kennedy and Pawlenty. The 6th was the reddest district in the state last cycle, and now it has turned a shade of purple, with the endorsement of Bachmann.

Here is what some GOPers are saying:

If Michelle Bachmann feels she needs to obfuscate and perform sleight-of-hand with republican delegates in order to win, then what is to keep her from performing sleight of hand and obfuscation with regard to her campaign promises? If she can't be above board with her own delegates, who's to say whether she will be above board and true to her conservative rhetoric?

Will the real Michelle Bachmann, please stand up?
I didn't stay for the victory speech. Like Psycmeistr, I have mixed feelings.
Tony at ARUC:
Seriously, this woman is so bad for the state and the country that I see less danger in electing Patty Wetterling than in electing Michele Bachmann. And expect that to be something I repeat often during the election cycle. "I'm a hard-line conservative, but Michele Bachmann is more of a danger to this country than Patty Wetterling."
I can only assume the Dems will come out negative early. Regardless of who the DFL endorsed candidate is, you can be sure party operatives are already blocking and scripting commercials that will present Bachmann as the person she is. Here's an early hint:
DFL Party officials like their own chances. Party Chairman Brian Melendez talked about the 6th District campaign during an appearance at the 5th District DFL convention in St. Louis Park.

"Now we've got a couple of great candidates. But if the Republicans were to choose someone with intelligence and compassion and courage, they're probably going hold on to that district. That's the bad news. The good news is they just endorsed Michelle Bachmann," Melendez said.
Yeap, the GOP just turned a slam dunk safe seat in the 6th to a vulnerable one. I still believe the district is red enough that the GOP will hold. But with a competitive race, monies will be spent there that could have been used elsewhere, specifically in the US Senate and Gubernatorial races. And if the dissension within the ranks is enough to keep solid GOP voters at home in November, it will create opportunities all across the ticket for the DFL.

The exact same thing that will happen if the Left nominates Hillary.


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