Saturday, May 13, 2006

6th District DFL Decides Today

If the DFL wants their best shot at retaking the 6th, Tinklenberg is the person to do it. However, I have a feeling they'll go with the Name rather then a candidate that best matches the ideology of the district.

REW and Smartie will be live blogging from Monitcello, so be sure to stop there for the latest skinny. I'll post the endorsement here once it is official.

MINvolved will also be covering the convention.


UPDATE: 6th Ballot:

134.5 ballots, 82 needed for endorsement

58.5 Tinklenberg
76.0 Wetterling

These numbers haven't moved much at all through 6 ballots. A few have moved to Tinklenberg on one ballot, only to move back to Wetterling on the next. Rules allow for a NO Endorsement motion after 10 ballots. Power Liberal(s) and MINvolved continues to have excellent play-by-play coverage.

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