Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Idol Quickie-Top 3

Taylor was spot on, rock solid, once again. I don't see anyone able to overtake him if he continues his poised and professional performances.

Kat's first and last songs were tragic. Her "Over the Rainbow" rendition could have been a 'Summertime' moment if she wouldn't have stumbled in the beginning and allowed her nerves to show through. Even Elliott had the old 'deer in the headlights' look last night.

Taylor was composed, calm, cool, and had the presence of a true Idol.

DialIdol numbers from last night:

1-2 Taylor Hicks - - - 31.638 1.512
1-3 Katharine McPhee - 28.759 1.544
2-3 Elliott Yamin- - - 28.286 1.549

I'll go with Simon in that Elliott will take the walk tonight. The guys are still splitting votes, and Taylor gets more of them.

Bogus Doug will have his moment by moment breakdown up around Lunchtime.


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