Monday, May 29, 2006

The Greatest Generation

I went to a funeral last Wednesday. A childhood friend of mine lost his father who was 81. They lived across the street from my parents and we palled around a lot when we were kids. His dad was a great man, avid hunter, and engaged in the rearing of his only child with his wife.

As I was reading his biography in the obit, I learned something more about him. It was something I didn't know, or may have forgotten over the years, but it was moving to me. From his Bio:
He honored his country in World War II serving as a turret gunner in a B-17 and earning the distinguished Flying Cross for heroism. He also earned Ace status and several other highly honored awards.
Today we honor the service of Dan, and others who risked the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms.

But most importantly, we honor those who did not make it home, while defending this great nation. Have a safe and restful Holiday, and remember those who allow for us to enjoy this day, FREE!


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