Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crash the 331

One of the premiere bloggers in the country (World?) will be in town promoting his new book, 'Crashing the Gate'

Drinking Liberally was moved to Tuesday this week to accommodate an appearance by Markos "DailyKos" Moulitsas Zuniga. I suspect that there will be a good crowd tonight, so be sure to stop by early and visit with Kos and the rest of the DL crew. I hope to stop in for a moment, but suspect I'll be one of the furthest Right in the bunch. Kos and his collaborators are from the Left of Wellstone branch of the party. There is some common ground, but it can be a challenge to find at times.

I look forward to spirited discussion and open debate. Come join us.


Graphic stolen from Wege and deTildified.

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