Thursday, February 02, 2006

Training Day

I was in training yesterday for an exciting new technology program that we will roll out at our school next week. It is an after school opportunity which I will be teaching. I'll probably share more about this fantastic opportunity since some of you out there, especially you Rabid Righties, don't think the public school system is doing enough for these inner city students.

Since I was occupied yesterday, I didn't have a chance to opine on the SOTU address. But then, even if I did have time, there wasn't much there. Kind of a yawner. Rah rah Troops, Social Security not passed, addicted to oil, warrantless surveillance must be done, yadda yadda.

So this morning Mitch rips Mayor Coleman for his initiative to reduce pollution emissions by 2012. Not much to rip there, a leadership stance on a timely issue. We could just do nothing, but that would give the likes of Shoot from the Hip Berg a real reason to complain. Besides, the President said we were 'addicted to oil'. Maybe the Mayor is doing his part to show his support for President Bush. Ya think . . come on, there is an outside chance.

Incoherent rambling over.


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