Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some Housekeeping

I have adjusted my sidebar to better reflect my almost daily reading list. I like to keep a nice range of Left, Right, and Center blogs in the mix. I have moved a few blogs off the list due to retirement or inactivity, and have added a few others that I have found myself visiting more frequently.

MN Campaign Report
Pawlenty Unplugged

Power Liberal(s)
I had to add an 'S' since there are more then one of them.

Finally, I adjusted Minnesota to just MN, which moved Fecke to the top of the list. Although I consider Mitch at SitD my blog father, for turning me onto the blogosphere several years ago, the BotML is my Blog Godfather. It became the first daily read for me once I found another like minded blogger who shared my slightly left of center views, without the venom that can spill out of those sites that are further to the end of the political spectrum. And besides, he can write circles around me in his sleep, like this for example.


UPDATE: Thanks to R-Five for picking up the broken links. I have also added a 'Grip N Grin section for your socializing needs:

Grip N Grin
St. Paul Issues Forum
Drinking Liberally(Wednesday)
Drinking Conservatively (Thursday)
Drinking Moderately (Friday)

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