Monday, February 27, 2006

Docking at Port Miers

OK, bare with me. Are these 'out of touch' decisions being made by the administration (think Harriet Miers and the UAE Port transfers) part of a meticulous plan by the Rovian machine to provide cover for GOP candidates in the mid terms. I mean, what have we been hearing most during the early stages of this elections cycle. The Left has shown their hand and will tie everything they can to the Administration, and the loyalty the Republican candidates have towards this President. It is clear that with President Bush's approvals still tanking in the mid/low 40s (43% as of yesterday), he will be no asset to a GOP candidate.

Will we see a few other controversial issues that on the surface will cause us pause in saying 'What the heck is he doing', only to see the GOP candidates criticize the administration and distance themselves from these decisions. They will build up a handful of issues that they can tout as a sign of independence, while they shake the 'lap dog' meme that the Dems will push all season.

The Right is very cunning, and the Left should realize that anything their opponents do is not a mistake, but a calculated plan to allow for their candidates to release themselves from the grip of a lame duck administration.

Think about that while you sip your morning caffeine.


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