Tuesday, February 28, 2006

AI - Gals Top 10

Graded based on this evenings performance:

A = Mandisa was spot on tonight. Major improvement from last week.
A- = Ayla continued her powerful performances
A- = Katharine slipped a little from last week, but still up there
B = Lisa was a bit awkward at the start but finished strong
B = Paris was a bit out of character, but still nailed it
B- = Kellie was much better this week, but still lacking the talent of the upper tier
B- = Melissa was pretty good, but not Top 6 this week
C+ = Heather Plain, average, Not bad, just not Idol material
C = Kinnik No WOW at all. More karaoke
C- = Brenna simply stale. Definitely out of place in a vocal competition

Current Top 6 prediction:
Locks: Katherine, Lisa, Paris, Kellie
Almost: Mandisa, Ayla
Bubble: Melissa


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