Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dems lead Kennedy

The GOPs favorite Right leaning pollster shows Kennedy behind against BOTH contenders for the nomination. It wasn't that long ago that Ford Bell was merely a footnote in this race. But a 7 point jump in the prior Rasmussen number crunching now puts him ahead of the sitting congressman.:
February 28, 2006--Since last month, support for Democrat Ford Bell has jumped 7 points in a match-up with Republican Mark Kennedy. He now leads Kennedy 43% to 40%. In the Rasmussen Reports January poll, Kennedy led Bell 41% to 36%.

Democrat Amy Klobuchar also gained ground, but only a couple points. She now leads Kennedy 45% to 42%. Last month the two were neck-and-neck (see crosstabs).

Klobuchar does a little better than Bell among unaffiliated voters and moderates.
There is still a lot of campaigning to do, but the optimistic Kennedy camp must be concerned if a former no name like Bell is now polling/pulling ahead.


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