Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pimping the Good News!

While Doug and I battle it out in a thread below, I hope he understands where my skepticism comes from. Let's look at this article I stumbled on.:
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Tuesday he was mistaken when he stated last week that the U.S. military had stopped paying Iraqi newspapers to publish pro-American articles.

Rumsfeld had said in a television interview on Friday that the U.S. military had ceased paying to place positive stories in Iraqi media after criticism in the U.S. Congress and press. Rumsfeld made similar comments the same day to the Council on Foreign Relations.

"I just misstated the facts," Rumsfeld told a Pentagon briefing on Tuesday.
So not only were we paying to have Pro American articles published, we were telling people we weren't. When caught, again, Rummy spins with "I just misstated the facts". Should we be shocked?! How many other facts has he misstated along the way.

Yet another of many examples of why one should pause anytime someone from within this administration opens their mouth, and that includes their surrogates like PfA.

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