Monday, February 06, 2006

Beer break

MNSpeak has a little blurb about a new brewery in town. Surly Brewing is shipping their first two beverage styles to fill a much needed niche in the local brewing game. I have been waiting for them to release their first brews since I found out about Surly. The Surly Brewer, Todd, spent over 10 years at my regular haunt as the Brewmeister at the Rock Bottom Brewery on Hennepin Avenue. Now that he is free to delve into his dream recipes without the constraints of corporate hovering over his head, Surly is surely to be a hit!

Here is their inaugural list of establishments:
We are finally selling beer! Our ales are available, so run out and put down your hard earned money and tell the bartender, "I wanna get Surly!" Where can you get your hands on some sweet Surly? Check out the places below. Be sure that they know you came to drink some of our beer.

Are you a bar/restaurant/liquor store that would like to carry our brew? Drop us an email or give us a call and we will talk.

Half Time Rec - St. Paul

Cafe Twenty Eight - Minneapolis
Solera Restaurant - Minneapolis
The Blue Nile - Minneapolis
Acadia Cafe - Minneapolis

Liquor Stores - That carry our kegs
THe Liquor Barrel - Golden Valley
Highway 55 and Winnetka Ave - 763.544.4441
7890 Highway 55 (Olson Memorial Highway)
Call them to be sure they have what you need.
They are carrying both our beers, Furious and Bender in 5 Gallon and 15.5 Gallon kegs.
Don't get just any beer, get Surly


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