Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gather Up, Gatheroo

It may only be an Alpha launch, but Gatheroo is already making a hit.

Gatheroo, the brain child of New Patriot contributor Chris Dyklstra, is "a free, web-based group organizing and social networking service." From Chris:
"There is a need for free community organizing tools, which can be accomplished through a new model. Because of our expertise, we knew we could provide a valuable alternative to meeting site users that provides an unmatched experience," said Chris Dykstra, Warecorp partner and Gatheroo founder. "We are looking forward to being a strong player in CivicSpace partners network and to being one of the first to donate a portion of our profits to support the CivicSpace foundation."
The ALPHA launch site is here. I have set up a Drinking Moderately group which I will use to announce public Drinking Moderately events. If that isn't enough incentive, then I am sure you will find other groups of interest there. Remember, Gatheroo is NOT limited to political Meetups, but is available for use to all, free, for promoting any group based organization that needs an online outlet for announcements.

Gather up, at Gatheroo!


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