Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Should She Stay or Should She Go Now!

Plot thickens as we get to the acceptance speech this evening. Remember, I think van Palin is a perfect pick. This choice has nothing, nothing to do with the Governor and everything to do with the knee jerk reaction of the Republican nominee at the top of the ticket.

Atlantic Monthly has some interesting factoids. They Call it the Eagleton Scenario:
(B)y Monday night discussion among Republican operatives and reporters had turned to whether Palin would survive or become the first running mate since Thomas Eagleton in 1972 to leave a major-party ticket.
Oh, I loved this nugget:
On Monday, the InTrade futures market opened trading on whether Palin would withdraw before the election.
With reporters and opposition researchers crawling through Alaska, and with the McCain campaign having dispatched its own team of lawyers to re-vet Palin, Republicans are wondering what shoe might drop next. If further revelations prove damaging enough, McCain could decide to replace Palin or she could choose to withdraw. While such an event seems unlikely given her popularity in some quarters of the party—Jacob Heilbrunn has suggested that social conservatives would view her ouster as “political infidelity”—her rocky reception makes the “Eagleton scenario,” and how it might unfold, a subject of more than academic interest.
A the day unfolds, you know the rumor mill will be churning. But lets be clear, I think van Palin is the perfect VP Pick for Sen. McCain. It shows the world the kind of strong judgment he truly has. really, I mean, truly . .no fooling . . .*grin*


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