Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chew and Walk Gum

Seriously, Sen. John McCain definitively showed yesterday that he does NOT have what it takes to be President. He quite frankly admitted yesterday that he simply can not juggle more than one ball at the same time. Not a trait I want to find in our next President.

Sen Obama showed true leadership by his initial call at 8:30 AM to reach out and resolved this situation in a mutually beneficial way. All McCain did was steal the idea and try to make it his own. He went from being a follower to a fibber,

Then last night, we get President Bush's malaise speech.
"our entire economy is in danger,"

"We're in the midst of a serious financial crisis"

"The market is not functioning properly. There has been a widespread loss of confidence."

"America could slip into a financial panic and a distressing scenario would unfold."

"Even if you have good credit history, it would be more difficult for you to get the loans you need to buy a car or send your children to college. And, ultimately, our country could experience a long and painful recession." (ed- I just bought a vehicle, Tuesday at 3.9%. Painless and uneventful transaction. So I am not sure what he is talking about)
I tell ya, if there was any doubt the Right Wing of the Right Wing party was running scared, yesterday events resolved all doubt.

I'll leave you with a bit of lyrics from one of my favorite bands, Pablo Cruise from their song 'Running':
Running will get you no where when you're runnin' away . . . where are ya goin' . . . . talking goes no where when you ain't go nothing to say, who are you foolin'

(I'm out on a field trip the rest of the day, so have at it but try to be gentle *grin*)

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