Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Klobuchar Writes on van Palin

No, not the Senator, longtime STRIB columnist and papa to Amy. He shares an interesting take on the Palin Pick:
For all of her qualities, the attractive ones and the invented ones, she was brought into the campaign carrying one primary identity. She was going to be a distraction from the economic and political chaos and ruin the Republicans have created in the eight years of the Bush government.

And she is suddenly the principle player in the smoke and mirror strategy that was the one hope of the demoralized Republican cadres looking at an almost certain defeat.

Now, we are told by the pollsters, they are not.

The irony in this is that if they’re right, and the Republicans can pull this out amid the growing befuddlement of the American public, the country will be putting the keys to power back into the hands of the same invisible manipulators who have been running it into the ground for eight years, victimizing millions of powerless people and driving the richest country in the world to the edge of bankruptcy.. In other words, the Republicans want voters to re-elect the agents of their misery.

Nothing in the White House is essentially going to change, of course, if that happens. It may worsen.With McCain fumbling in the White House while reminding us daily of his biography, the Pentagon’s favorites will still hog the money. The financial industry, whose greed plunged millions of people into de facto poverty and out of their homes, will continue basically unregulated. A Democratic Congress can act, but today it needs 60 votes to pass anything of substance and you can usually subtract Joe Lieberman.

None of this has to happen if the American public looks seriously at the spreading ugliness of the country’s condition today. The government bureaus are filled with hacks whose primary condition of employment is to undermine the regulatory powers they were supposed to enforce. So the mortgage and credit card industries went wild and turned customers into paupers. Profiteers raided the people’s treasury. Failing financials and businesses demanded a bailout by the taxpayers. Shameless tax cuts to millionaires and endless war have shredded the schools’ ability to compete with the rising powers of China and India in the technical skills not only of the future but in the here and now.

The same behind- the-scenes operators who ran the government under George Bush will be back in a McCain White House, one likely to be even more inept and clueless. So essentially it will be guided by the same ventriloquists who will do most of the governing. The victims will be the same—the uninsured, the unemployed, the fading middle and working classes, and the faith all of those people put in the hands of a government once dedicated to the common good. There is a reason why American veterans, who fought to preserve that ideal or were put in harm’s way needlessly, are looking increasingly to Obama to bring the country back to its senses.
He;s still got it!


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