Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's About van Palin

Right now, lets not talk about the content of the spiel specifically. Sure, we could fisk the lies, deceptions, whoppers and wallops, but lets talk about the Governor.

Just like the jockeying before a debate, the GOP was careful not to boost up Palin too much. The low expectation game was played to ensure that the Governor was not too intimidated by her new found stardom. When she took the stage, she took command.

Governor Sara Palin made it clear to the viewers that she was here to stay, and was not going to pull punches. She did the yeoman's work for a national campaign by going right at the jugular of her opponents. It is one thing to be able to speak from a teleprompter, while preaching to the choir. But it sure looks like she'll be able to hold her own.

The Governor is no longer a small player in a championship game. She'll need to be able to think on her feet, watch her mouth, and be concerned about what her every move, and every word could mean to the campaign. But as far as last night, she did the job, and did it well.

Congratulations, Governor Palin, today you get a pass, for last night was your night, and you met the challenge. But don't think I'll always be this nice for long. You are still wrong on most every issue, and issues matter . . . . unless of course you're John MCcCain's campaign manager.


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