Saturday, September 27, 2008

Puppy Blogging; Twins Edition

Kurly and I are watching the Twins pick their way to another American League Central Title.I got Curly for my wife the Valentine's Day of 2006, just before Kirby Puckett died. I tried to talk her into changing his name to Kirby, without much luck. I did, however, get her to compromise and adjust the spelling of his name to Kurly. She even went down to the Vet to change the medical paperwork and get a new name tag, While I went back and corrected blog posts..

So that is the story of Kurly's name.

Soon we'll go out to the garage to enjoy the end of the tilt. Kurly has his own chair and patiently waits for garage treats to get tossed his way. I'll put a garage pic up later.


UPDATE: Bottom of the 9th, down by 2. The only saving grace is the White Sox gave up a tater already in their game. Here is the Garage Pic I promised. Kurly so proud in his chair.

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