Monday, October 30, 2006

Strib: Hatch offers state needed change

Snippets from the endorsement:
It will take a new governor for state government to become a more dependable ally of average Minnesotans with above-average aspirations for themselves and their state.


Pawlenty demonstrated with his first budget that he was willing to run up the price of a college education, deny poor families child care, slap a surcharge on nursing home residents and take away health insurance from the working poor, all to adhere to a "no new taxes" campaign pledge. Two years later, with the veto of a forward-looking transportation bill, Pawlenty dashed hopes that the state would make a serious move anytime soon to ease serious transportation woes.


Hatch knows meeting that challenge starts with access to high-quality education. A cut in college tuition is one of the few promises he's made. While we'd prefer more need-based student aid, Hatch is on the right track.

Next on Hatch's to-do list is access to high-quality preschool for low-income children. He understands that investing in the very young may be the best way to close a widening economic gap between rich and poor.
Hatch is clearly the best person for the job. Middle class Minnesotans need an ally in the Governor's Office and it has been clear over the last few years that TPaw is not on our side.


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