Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Outstate Congressional Endorsements

I bright blue slate for you, today. But that is where you find Moderate Democrats in this state. Tomorrow will be a different story, as the Dems move to the far Left.

I've met Tim Walz. I was impressed by his sincerity, his desire to serve, and his desire to serve again! Tim's a bit further left then I, but considering the alternative, I have no problem supporting his candidacy. Of all the congressional races in Minnesota, this is the sleeper. I believe this race is the best chance for a pick-up opportunity, with the 6th not far behind.

This was one of the toughest calls of the bunch. Initially, I was excited abut a Rowley candidacy. Strong moderate cred, an FBI operative, and the courage to stand up for what is right, regardless of the potential life changing consequences. You have to admire that in a candidate. But then she hit the campaign trail and I softened on her considerably.

John Kline is an extreme conservative, and may be a better fit for the district. But I think the voters of the 2nd would be better served and better represented by someone with some moderation. That person is Colleen Rowley.

Collin Peterson looks more like a Republican then a Democrat. And frankly, that is the only way a Dem can win in the northwestern part of the state. Peterson's Pro-Life stance and tight purse strings are important to 7th district voters, and explains why he has had such electoral success in this red district. Peterson is a Democrat even Swiftee could warm up to, but I am comfortable in endorsing Collin anyway!

The seniority leader of the Minnesota Congressional contingent is James Oberstar. First elected back when I was in Junior High, James has made his mark. Rob Gramm's candidacy seems more like a get 'out the vote' strategy for up ticket races, then a sincere run for congress. But Rod's ideology is way to far Right for me. This is Oberstar's seat, until he decided otherwise.
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So there you have the outstate congressional seats. The red/pink nature of these agricultural areas tends to produce moderate Democrats and far Right wing Republicans. I'll take some lumps today for endorsing a clean sweep of Blue candidates, but those same people will be hard pressed to defend the moderacy of any of the Republicans in those races.

Tomorrow we'll have the metro races, where we see the DFL Endorsed candidates much further Left of their outstate counterparts. In those races, I will be endorsing only one of them. You'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out who it is, and who gets the coveted Centrisity endorsements instead.


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