Sunday, October 15, 2006

MtP Debate

Watch two of the three major party candidates on Meet the Press this AM (CH 11) I'll link up the transcript on this post once it is available.

I suspect the GOP candidate will be quite animated after another poll is released showing him in electoral dire straits.

Why is Kennedy in such trouble? Because he doesn't understand Minnesotans. I've talked about it before, but here is just another example (emphasis mine):
Lifelong Republican Marvel Carstenbrock, 79, of Austin, Minn., said she plans to break ranks and vote for Klobuchar, although she also supports Pawlenty for governor. "I like that Amy Klobuchar," Carstenbrock said. "She's a good gal. She seems like she'll work hard." As for Kennedy, she said, "I am sick of that guy and his negative commercials. I wish he would just say what he wants to do."
When will Mark get it?!?


UPDATE: Boy, was Kennedy ever off his game. It almost seemed like he has totally given up. There was minimal if any actual engagement by him as he stuck to his talking points even when Tim caught him in the various fabrications Kennedy is trying to push.

Amy showed the type of leadership we expect in a Senator. She displayed a clear stand on the issues. Yet has the willingness to keep everything on the table as more information is gathered so one can make the best decisions possible in representing Minnesotans.

MSNBC will be replaying Meet the Press later this evening (5:00 PM, 9:00 PM, and Midnight) See for yourself.

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