Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Patty Wetterling; 6th District Congress

It is amazing that Michele Bachmann even got the GOP endorsement. She is a far Right candidate with views on religious involvement in government and marriage so far on the fringe some Republicans are having a difficult time supporting her. She was the only candidate of those pursuing the nomination that would open the door for a credible Democratic challenge. And that door is wide open now.

Patty Wetterling is by far the best candidate to represent the 6th of the current choices available. Patty's determination and drive will rub off into other areas involving social justice. She will be a voice of reason within a congress that can be too wrapped up into a political frenzy that some may forget why they are even there. Patty will never forget why she is there.

I did consider the IP candidate, John Binkowski, as a possible alternative. But electability is as much a factor as principle. In a race like the 6th, Bachmann simple must be stopped, and a vote for Binkowski would not serve that purpose.

This choice was clear, whether it is a vote against the opponent or not. But religion needs to take a back seat to politics, or the problems we are experiencing will magnify. Besides, isn't there something in the Constitution about separation of church and state, or does the party in power think the Constitution should be cherry picked for political purposes. I'm really beginning to think they believe that.


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