Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Message is Hitting Home

Hatch has 6-point edge in U survey:
Thanks largely to a voter withdrawal from Republican ranks, DFLer Mike Hatch has an apparent edge over Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty going into the last week before the Nov. 7 election, a new University of Minnesota poll shows.

Hatch drew support from 45 percent of 663 likely voters in the telephone survey conducted Oct. 23 through Saturday, compared with 39 percent for Pawlenty and 9 percent for Independence Party nominee Peter Hutchinson. Undecideds made up the remaining 7 percent.
Yeap, this moment in times shows:

45% AG Hatch
39% Gov. Pawlenty
09% Hutchinson
07% Undecided

And some more analysis:
There was more bad news for Pawlenty: His job approval fell from 56 percent in September to 50 percent, and positive marks from voters on the direction of the state declined from 48 to 44 percent.

At the same time, interest in the election has surged among Democrats and barely budged for the GOP. "The Democrats are more fired up than the Republicans," Jacobs said.
The Full report, in PDF, can be found here! From that reports, is this little nugget about vote switchers.

Third, more than 1 out of 10 likely voters who currently support Pawlenty or Hatch may change their mind and support a different candidate. About half of Hutchinson’s supporters indicate a willingness to consider another candidate.

The numbers below reflect, Committed support, Might change mind, don't know
Pawlenty - -86% - 13% - 1%
Hatch - - - 88% - 12% - 0%
Hutchinson -48% - 48% - 4%


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