Thursday, October 05, 2006

Balance of Power; Take II

It is still a nail biter. With only about a month left to go, both Electoral Vote and Rasmussen have the Senate at 49 - 49 with 2 races deadlocked. The two most stubborn senate races, New Jersey and Missouri.

The most surprising development is the movement of the Tennessee race, I believe Frist's current seat, is now a Leans Democrat with the support for Dem Candidate Harold Ford growing. Virginia may also be in play with the remaining GOP seats in pretty good shape, for now.

The Dems may look in better shape, but in reality, according to the Rasmussen chart, they have only secured 40 of the needed 51 seats to retake the house. The remaining 9 are considered 'Leaners'. So to take the Senate, Dems must lock in all 9 leaners AND both tossup states to capture control.

There's about a month left, and still time for anything to change the direction of these races.


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