Friday, October 06, 2006

Brooklyn Center Mayor

I first mentioned the BC Mayoral race in my post "Tim Willson for Mayor". I have known Tim for many years, I mean, he is married to my first cousin. But it goes much further than that. And the comment thread in that post, although starting out pretty edgy, included this comment:
I honestly haven't decided yet. Both would bring unique good traits to the job.
Yesterday, R-Five posted his endorsement for this race, and he did not disappoint:
We may never see such a well-qualified pairing again for Mayor of Brooklyn Center. I know I have never had a more difficult time in any city election, having to choose between Kathleen Carmody and Tim Willson. I know and respect them both. But a number of small indicators, including their performance on a televised debate tonight tell me that Willson is the better choice to meet the challenges and opportunities of our first ring suburb.

Yes, I'm crossing over to the dark side on this one. But it's going to take a little bit of Darth Vader to restore order, cooperation, and civility to the City Council. Having served with Willson on the Planning Commission for nearly ten years, I know he can be the strict parliamentarian required.
I commented:
I commend you for taking the time to consider both qualified and competent candidates and making a decision based on what you feel is best for the city, regardless of Party affiliation.
Isn't that how the electoral process is suppose to work. It's not so much who he picked, but that he took the time to look at each candidate, acknowledge their strengths, and make a decision based on who can bring the best to the table to move the City forward.

I wish everyone would do that for all the races, instead of getting wrapped up in partisan bickering.


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