Thursday, October 12, 2006

Split the Difference

Although the 'Ticket Splitter' story itself is an interesting read, I found the snippets form the 8 voting splitters to be quite revealing. Here are some examples:
83, Minnetonka, retired truck driver: Paulson has voted Republican most of his life -snip- But he's "not a Bush fan," he said. "I really think he's let this nation down with this war [in Iraq] and I blame the Republicans in Congress for sticking with him on this fiasco." -snip- As for the governor's race, Paulson is a bit irritated that his property taxes went up 15 percent this year. "But I think [Pawlenty's] doing OK. He seems like an honest man and a good character."

44, Plymouth, part-owner of a construction company: ... It's never been a good idea to have the government totally controlled by one party."

37, Brooklyn Center, manager of a circuit-board shop: Although for now he's leaning toward Pawlenty, he doesn't like his negative TV ads, and might vote for DFL candidate Mike Hatch or Independence Party candidate Peter Hutchinson.

45, Braham, agricultural products salesman:In the Senate race, he likes the looks of Klobuchar's record and doesn't like "the mudslinging that Kennedy's doing. She's maintaining the positive and I don't know what he's trying to do, but it's not working."

60, Owatonna, special education paraprofessional: "In the case of Mark Kennedy, I see him on TV and just don't trust him. I can't put my finger on it."
The theme that resonates to me, is that amongst these admitted Right leaners who are sticking with TPaw, all are bailing on Kennedy. The attack ads, as one might suspect, are backfiring and have turned Kennedy into a scoundrel, rather than a Senator. Even the Park bench ad makes Kennedy look like a bully.

Mark will have plenty of time to think over the many mistakes his campaign has made over the last year or so. But one thing he needs to remember, is that this is Minnesota, and if you don't play nice, you'll find yourself in trouble.


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