Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wetterling Redux: UPDATE

The DFL State Central Committee has an E-Mail discussion group which posts periodic Blog Updates. Yesterday, my 'Wetterling Redux' post was featured. The post prompted a follow up by the 6th District Chair, in an attempt to diffuse the 'rumor':

I just got off the phone with the Patty Wetterling and Elwyn Tinklenberg campaigns.

Both campaigns DENY these baseless rumors. Rest assured I will speak with both candidates in the coming days to figure out the best course of action to finally put this nonsense to rest.

In the meantime, It is my hope that people consider the source.

Greg Hansen, Chair
6th Congressional District DFL
The BOLD was contained in the message. I am not sure what 'source' they were referring to, Blogs in general, myself, or MDE. But in the interest of full disclosure, and my commitment to accurate information, I felt it appropriate to share this information.


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