Friday, August 12, 2005

Craig Mulls Nick's Ponder

Craig Westover, freelance columnist with the PiPress, tackles Nick Coleman's ponder from yesterday:
Now here's a question to mull:

Can "liberal" or "progressive" talk radio prosper under an
ownership that is neither?
Well, having mulled for bit, the answer is that if Nick is defining “liberal” and “progressive,” the answer is probably “no.” To “prosper” in a free market, one has to appeal to a wide enough audience that one can entice advertisers and consequently make enough money to support operations if not show a profit. That probably means appealing to a wider audience than is interested in "speculation on the size of the genitals of the Power Line guys.” It doesn't mean a station can't have a point of view -- it does mean its host ought to be able to frame the point of view so it's possible to have a discussion not just a bashing.

Sounds like Air America is getting that message and apparently Nick wasn‘t.

So there is his perspective. Anyone else?


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