Thursday, August 04, 2005

Performance Pay for Politicians

So the Governor is on another junket, promoting his latest proposal:
The proposal would hold legislators and the Governor accountable by requiring legislative work to be completed on time or face real consequences. The key element of the plan is:

· In the odd-numbered year of the legislative session, if the legislature did not pass a budget by the constitutional adjournment date legislators and the Governor would forfeit their salaries for the month of June.

If a budget is not completed by June 30 of the odd-numbered year, additional penalties would be incurred:

· Legislators and the Governor would forfeit their salaries for July and August or until the month after a budget is completed it if occurs after September 1.
So it's not really performance pay, it is a consequence for lack of performance. (Ya gotta keep an eye on these guys. They like calling things the exact opposite of what they really are. Think 'No Child Left Behind, et. al.)

I am all for some type of accountability package for legislators, but not sure if this is the way to go. We struggle as it is finding competent and qualified candidates to run for these offices, and something tells me this just may discourage some more.

There is no mention of how this would effect 'per diem' reimbursement (that additional daily expense allowance over and above their salaries). I could definitely support 'per diem' restrictions if there is a way to figure out how to not unduly punish outstate legislators.

I'm open to the concept, but leery as to what TPaw's actual motivation is. I think it is to save face . . . but that's just me!


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