Monday, August 15, 2005

Air America Flap Wrap

It has become clear to me that the local Air America affiliate has an agenda that may not be consistent with the more progressive National organization. It will be interesting to see what type of relationship is built once Al Franken moves to Minnesota and starts broadcasting from here. I find it a reach to think that Al, or any of the AA National talent would conform to a 'hands off hot topics' policy.

My Political views tend to line up more closely with Ms. Robert, but that does not mean I will unconditionally protect her and her radio station. To state one thing to the press; "We do not censor anybody on this radio station," yet disseminate a document that contradicts that public impression, "JR Broadcasting will not permit discussion of the issues of gun control, abortion, or gay marriage." can be a credibility killer.

There is also a concern regarding the stifling of candidates, as mentioned in the comments below. The Memo addresses this issues in a dry, legal sort of way, aligning with the FCC requirements for equal time, with the procedure for requesting this time outlined.

The left can't afford to be splintered at this time. They have a Senate seat to retain, and momentum from the last election to harness, at least on the local level, to recapture state government. They can only succeed by working together. Internal power squabbles will only hurt this effort and feed the Right Wing blogosphere with more red meat.

It is controversies like this that convince me that the Left's worst enemy, are those from the Left themselves.


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