Monday, August 15, 2005

Air America Redux:A Message from Janet Robert

I received an E-Mail from Janet Robert this afternoon. It was a reply to my message from last Friday, but addressed the memo and some other issues. The E-Mail is identical to one forwarded to me earlier in the afternoon (and this post) by someone else who inquired about station policy, so this is the formal response she is presenting, and will be posting on the AM950 website.

First, the Memo. The memo was authenticated by Ms. Robert, however, it was described as an earlier draft and was not the final policy adopted on June 1, 2005. That policy is:
Because certain hot button social issues such as gun control, abortion, or gay marriage tend to arouse strong emotions among our listening audience, JR Broadcasting wishes to be respectful in discussing these issues. It is the position of JR Broadcasting that persons often hold positions on these issues as deeply held moral beliefs that therefore deserve respect, and focus on these issues can undermine the very opportunities we seek to advance.

In the event a host should ever wish to discuss these issues on the air, JR Broadcasting requests that the host notify the station manager prior to airing the discussion.
and with regards to Nick Coleman:
I do not discuss publicly personnel issues, but Nick Coleman has never been censored and that is not the reason he is no longer with the station. Furthermore, Nick knows that one of the compliments I regularly made to him was that his rants against the Iraqi War were his shining moment. Anyone who ever listened to his show also knows that.
Thank you to my readers for dropping me information and pointing me in the right correct directions, especially Mr. Coleman for having the courtesy to respond to me in a timely manner, and Ms. Robert for clarifying AM950's policies.


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