Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fresh Troops

One of the largest deployments of Minnesota Guard members will begin in October:
About 2,600 Minnesota National Guard troops will leave the state sometime in October for training and an eventual deployment to southwest Asia.

The mobilization of the 34th Infantry Division's First Brigade Combat Team will be Minnesota's largest overseas Guard deployment since World War II.

Adjutant General Larry Shellito said Tuesday the official notification came on Monday. The specific country where the soldiers will end up was not known, but they are being mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
My son, the Marine, received orders recently. He will be deployed early next Spring. He has been training heavy as an aircraft mechanic, so hopefully that will keep him in green zone areas. But war is a viscous game, and no one is safe anywhere.

Godspeed to all the troops engaged in keeping our homeland secure. I pray that they will come home safe . . . and soon!


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