Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The There, There on Franken!

Mitch asks:
So here are a couple of questions for you Franken supporters:

1. If we’re supposed to leave his comedy, “satire” and freelance writing careers out of how we gauge Franken for office, what can we use to try to figure if Franken is someone we want in office?

2. Please give me some affirmative reasons - one, two, three, whatever -why anyone should vote for Franken. Caveat; these reasons need to relate to Franken; “he’s not Coleman”, or “he’s not in bed with the Administration”, or “”Halliburton Cheney Wide Stance Bush Brought Down The Towers Duke Cunningham” don’t cut it. In other words, leave out the reasons not to vote for Coleman (because those would apply to Ciresi or Nelson-Pallmeyer or Jerry Janezich for that matter, any of the people you DFLers could have, but didn’t, nominate); they have to be reasons to vote for Franken.

Can y’all do it?
Well, of course anyone can do it. Anyone who is willing to slip off the blinders and put down the GOP Grog long enough to actually care about the future of this state and country, rather than a "what have you done for me lately?" selfish attitude proudly displayed but most Right Wingers.

I don't read Mitch much anymore, and it really isn't worth commenting over there. The once popular blog that pulled in over 3000 hits a day is lucky to muster six hundred these days. Still more than me, but he has a radio show and a screaming cheerleader section, all I gots is the truth.

But back to his questions:

What can we use to try to figure if Franken is someone we want in office?

I use his words and actions of today. In fact, I actually sat down and talked to him. I asked him questions and told him whether I agreed or disagreed. When we talked about Iraq I showed him a picture of my son and shared with him my commitment to seeing this war on terror through to victory. He wasn't afraid to tell me where I was wrong. He wasn't going to tell me what I wanted to hear and move on. He told me what he felt was the best strategy and the proper way to WIN while protecting our fighting forces and out country. There is something to be said for a man of candor who is willing to tell you the truth, even thought it isn't necessarily what you want to hear. That is important to me in a candidate and a character trait seriously lacking in 'finger in the wind' Coleman.

Please give me some affirmative reasons - one, two, three, whatever -why anyone should vote for Franken.

I have time for one, so will pick the easiest! Mr Franken is a known. There is absolutely no doubt where he stands on the issue and in many cases quite clearly and specifically. Unlike his 'finger in the wind' opponent, you can quite clearly predict what side of the issues Franken will be on. Now I'll admit in a few of those cases he would vote differently than I would like, but with his opponent I don't even know which way he would vote on some of the important issues. I am much more comfortable voting for a candidate who you can at least count on. Paul Wellstone was able to win over the needed moderate not because his far left position on the issues matched theirs, but because he was a man of character who you could count on!

There, piece of cake. But Mitch knew that. He only proposed the questions because he has managed to bully the left voices on his site away or has literally banned them from commenting. He'll claim 'crickets' without acknowledging that his site has become nothing more than a preach to the choir! Sad really!


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