Friday, June 20, 2008

Bought and Paid For!

Mikey got a gig:
I am excited to announce that starting today, I will be a part-time research consultant to Representative Erik Paulsen’s congressional campaign. I am not a full-time paid campaign staffer, but rather a part-time research consultant.
Oh, and he continues to publish this howler
I am not now, nor have I ever been paid to blog.
Regardless, I am sure his family is thrilled after almost two years of unemployment. I mean, he makes it clear what his career is and with his insistence that he would disclose and hasn't for almost two year one can only assume he has been out of work, right?

May this 'Paid by Paulsen' Blogger have as much luck as the 'Paid by Mark Kennedy' Blogger did a couple years ago.

It does make one wonder why Paulsen needs a hit man. But as I have shown here repeatedly, when you can't win on issues, go for the sucker punch!


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