Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Now the Work Begins

Senator Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. If the election were held today, he would return the White House to a semblance of sanity following years of egotistical mismanagement. However, the election isn’t until November, giving the GOP more than enough time to dodge the issues and slime their opponents.

I think we have found over the course of this campaign, that the American electorate has become smarter over the last several years. They have seen the two faces of the Republican Party, the one face that says all the right things, and the other that does the opposite. Change is a big word, but change for change sake is not necessarily healthy. Change for the need of change, even if it is returning to the days of peace and prosperity, rather than war and recession, can be considered change. But the people have spoken. At least the sensible common sense folk who truly care about this country and believe our role in this world is contrastingly different than the path we have been led down. In fact, there is less than 30% of the population in tune with the current President. That means that Democrats and Republicans alike are looking for a new direction, a direction that will restore the faith and confidence not so much of the American people, but of the world.

Senator Obama has remained on the high road throughout this campaign, and I suspect he will remain there. But he has also shown he won't take the slime and the smears lying down. Senator McCain has made attempts to reel in the Right Wing slime merchants, but time will tell if his efforts are sincere. The changes in 527 laws prohibit some of the character attacks; especially the large number of unsubstantiated ones hurled at Senator John Kerry last cycle.

This general election race will return to debating the issues, issues that the Left has a far better grasp on than the floundering GOP party. The splintering of the Right will be a far more difficult breach to heal, than the one between the Obama and Clinton camps. We saw last night how Sen. Obama can reach out to those he will need to be victorious in November, and I an convinced he will succeed.

I make no predictions, today. I just look forward to a healthy debate. Lets put all of our cards on the table and let the people decide the direction we take. Lets start by having both sides declare that we won't tolerate the hate speak from either side. We will support everyone’s right to make their case, and in the end the people will decide the future of this great American experiment!

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