Thursday, June 12, 2008

Answering Questions

To be clear, I may have a Finance Degree but I am no economist, that would be King's territory, but I will tackle some of The Doctor's questions, soon. Understand, I am still working this week, I do have teenagers out of school, I do have other priorities in my life. Blogging is not even in the Top 5 of those priorities. So my inability to have a rapid response to every little question thrown at me is me having a life, not hiding from the questions. Doc knows this and chooses to poke the monster anyway, Swiftee just does it for sport! Doc did come over yesterday, but ironically we didn't talk much politics.

This AM I had very very minor surgery and once I feed the boys breakfast it is back to work to finish up a project for the week. In the interim I have been reading up on the candidate's economic plans. I'll have more on that tomorrow. For today, I have other priorities in my life that will get my attention. I have better things to do then hover in the blogospshere playing gotchya games.

I like these issues debates, can't wait till we get into the Social issues *grin*


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