Monday, June 30, 2008

On Drilling

This weeks issue, to appease those who want issues debates rather than ideological sniping will be domestic oil production.

So with all this hub bub on off shore drilling and ANWAR and such, I have a question. What good would it do? We don't have the refining capacity, we don't have the delivery capacity, and frankly, isn't there multi millions of acres of unused leases out there to drill already.

It is easy to say 'Lets poke a few holes in the ground, but from what I have discovered over the weekend we have more enough places we can be drilling right now that is authorized and the domestic supply issue has more to do with Refining capability and transportation mechanisms.

So without mentioning increased drilling opportunity, tell me where the supporting infrastructure exists to make this practical. Can you?


UPDATE: Somewhat related, or unrelated I don't know, is this great article Linda mentions in the comment section on Hypermiling. Interesting read!

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