Monday, June 02, 2008

It All Ends Tomorrow

Today is the last full day of the Clinton Campaign for President. Now that the Florida and Michigan issue has been resolved, Sen. Barack Obama will, by the time he arrives at the podium tomorrow, have more than enough delegates to claim the Democratic nomination for President of the Untied States. Sen Clinton has hinted she may take the decision the Rules committee made over the weekend to the credentials committee, but I suspect she will see how futile that will be. There may not be enough elected delegates to put Barack over the top tomorrow, but you can bet there will be a significant surge of Super Delegates to his camp once the last votes are cast. These delegates waited patiently till the people spoke, and will embrace their decision with an endorsement of Senator Obama.

The Campaign has made a very strategic choice for their declaration of victory. By waving the flag in the very building where the GOP will anoint their candidate is a clear statement that this will be a campaign that will not pull any punches. I have put in my request for press credential. Hopefully the end of the year surge at work, coupled with the pressure of getting a couple teenagers through another year of high school will wane just enough to allow for me to be there for this historic occasion. You can bet if that happens, you all will be right there with me.

We've been standing in line at this amusement park long enough, time to get on the roller coaster and see what this thing's got!


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