Thursday, May 05, 2005

Scott's gone . . . finally!

Although Scott wasn't the lowest common denominator on Tuesday, the voting public still made the correct call.

The finalists are done to quasi crooner Anthony, Pop Hopper Vonzell, Country leaner Carrie, and Rocker Bo. At this phase of the game, it is a battle for where the latest ousted candidate's votes will go.

And here's a little redux. I went through my E-Mail and found a list of the top 12, broken down by gender, with my preferential order.

So Girls, in order

Nadia GONE
Lindsay GONE
Mikalah GONE
Jessica GONE


Anwar GONE
Mario GONE
Scott GONE
Constantine GONE

Funny how Constantine grew on me during the finals, as I had him in the cellar out of the shoot.


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