Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Creaky Bones

A weekend of hard work and evening fun is a strain on this chronologically experienced body of mine. Hard marching and drill learnin' all weekend followed by the Memorial Day death march on Monday has reminded me that the ole body isn't the same spry and nimble vessel it once was.

The GOOD news is, my right knee is holding up tremendously. I had a complete ACL rebuild following the 2003 season, having tore it completely only two weeks before Nationals. My Dr. was able to fit me with a hinged brace and some mild pain medication that allowed me to perform for championsips, but any further season long marching would require surgery (gross picture of my knee post surgery is here). There is still stiffness in the knee, but I can perform with confidence knowing that the ACL is as strong, if not stronger, then it was before.

Of the past 27 years I have been involved in the Drum and Bugle Corps activity, I have been a performer for 18 of those season. My longest consecutive stretch was from 1986-1992. Recently, I have developed an every other year pattern, having marched MN Brass 99, 01, 03, and now 05 with the Govies. Although it was my intent to perform with MN Brass again next year, to celebrate their 60th anniversary, I am having second thoughts about making that commitment.

So what I am driving at, is my body is tired, my brain is mush, and therefore my political rantings for today may have to wait, until I recover, and get my synapses firing more consistently.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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