Thursday, May 19, 2005

Their evening with the Guv

Recently, the NARN and some other members of the Right side of the blogosphere attended an invitation only gathering at the Governor's mansion. This morning Nick Coleman was railing on them for their back slapping, kool-aid drinking gala. I must say, I don't agree with Nick's take on the event.

To the victor goes the spoils, and as much as I, and others in dissent of the current administration, continue to be frustrated with the stubborn antics of their ways I congratulate the attendees for this FANTASTIC entry into the main stream fray. There are those on the Left who would like to package this meeting into a colluding intrusion of the openness that are the Blogs. But this adds credibility to our medium. It shows that the 'big guns' are watching, and paying attention, and are willing to engage the pundits in a way that may reshape how political campaigns are navigated.

Of course, not all of the local Right Wing echo chamber were invited, and their snubs have not gone unnoticed.

So if you are interested in hearing their take on the great evening they had with the Governor, visit the links below. My hats off to them for their successes. But all that does is make the opposition stronger. Enjoy your brief time at the top, for you are still out of the mainstream, and the natives are getting quite restless.


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