Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Idol 5/17/05

Down to the final three. Each candidate sang three songs, one chosen by renowned producer Clive Davis, one they chose for themselves, and one picked by the judges.

1) "I’ll Never Love This Way Again"
2) "Chain of Fools"
3) "On the Radio"

Vonzell had one of her best evenings, but just isn't in the same league as the other two. I believe she has a fantastic career ahead of her, but she should be the one going home tonight

1) "Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me."
2) "In a Dream"
3) "I Can’t Get No Satisfaction"

Bo was on fire. for his second tune, the one he picked, he went a cappella. I thought it was a little shaky, but everyone else seemed to like it. The judges all said this was Bo's night. I am not so sure. He is a safe bet to move on, but he hasn't locked in the title yet

1) "Crying"
2) "Making Love Out of Nothing at All"
3) "Man, I Feel Like a Woman"

Carrie was pure Carrie. I felt she was over and above the best of the evening. Consistent, strong, controlling, energizing. She performed flawless vocals and every time had the crowd on their feet. I truly believe Carrie is the one to beat next week.

So barring a total phone fiasco, it should come down to Carrie and Bo. There was, for the third time, a phone number gaff. Ryan announced a wrong number for Vonzell during one of her tunes, but immediately corrected himself when they came back from break. It won't matter anyway, as talented as Vonzell is, she simply doesn't have a chance against the other two powerhouses.


UPDATE: Vonzie's gone. It's down to Bo and Carrie

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