Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Idol - 5/10/05

The 'votefortheworst' site has been pushing Anthony this week since Scott finally took his last walk. But after last night's performances, they may want to re-evaluate their strategy.

Anthony had clearly the best combined performances of the other three survivors. He finally came out and nailed both tunes, with a high degree of stage presence and quality. Carrie seemed in her element, but her first tune seemed to go on forever. Bo, (Sorry GiGi) sounds more plastic everyday. And Vonzell was shaking so much in her first song, the you could feel the vibrato in her voice, and that wasn't necessarily a good thing. If I were to rank last nights combined performances, it would go:


We've seen how the voting works this season, so anything can happen. But if we are suppose to vote based on the nights performance, Vonzell should start worrying. But that won;t happen. Anthony is going home.


UPDATE: Another Phone Number gaff. Reality TV Magazine is reporting an error in the phone numbers listed for those with Closed Captioning on. Screen shots are on their site. With only 4 contestants left, and a phone number formula that remains consistent (the number corresponds to the order you perform) I don;t see this as requiring a replay. But it still calls into question the credibility of the technicians on the show. Let's see how this plays out.

UPDATE II: Fox's Response posted by a moderator on the AI Community board:

MAY 10, 2005

During the second round of songs on the Tuesday, May 10 live broadcast, the closed-caption graphic listing call-in numbers for the various contestants was identical for every performer. While the producers and network acknowledge the closed-captioning error, the correct call-in number for each performer was still read by Ryan Seacrest and broadcast on screen during each performance, as well as the show recap.

The producers and network apologize to our hearing-impaired viewers for any confusion, and the situation was immediately corrected for our tape-delayed west coast broadcast.

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