Tuesday, May 10, 2005

And so it begins . . or continues!

I have gone on record already with my opinion of a Clinton presidential candidacy. It's not that I don't think she would make a good candidate, or even a great president. But in this day and age of Smear boaters and mud slingers, there would just be too much material for the Right to grasp on to. I long for a presidential race that might actually be based on ideas, and visions. One that concentrates on the future of our Republic, and honest debate on how to get us there. No matter who the Dems pick in 2008, the RNC smear machine will load up with both barrels and never let up. The have shown over the last few months they aren't on the correct side of the issues (Social Security, Filibuster, Schiavo, etc.) so they have to attack people and personalities.

Do you think they could wait a few years, or at least till after the midterms. Nope, they won't let up. And they will tie any Left wing contender to every possible investigation, and hammer the MSM until they relent, screaming liberal bias if they don't.

And so it begins:
A conservative watchdog group with a history of dogging the Clintons urged a Senate panel on Monday to investigate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton over a Hollywood fundraiser for which a former staffer faces charges.

The fundraiser is the focus of a federal trial set to begin Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Prosecutors charge that former finance director David Rosen understated the cost of the star-studded August 2000 gala, which raised money for Clinton's senatorial campaign. Rosen denies the charges.
We'll have to see how the trial unfolds. But you can bet no matter what the outcome is. This will dog Hillary, and be added to the list of probable mud slinging come 2008.


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