Monday, May 09, 2005

Celeb Blogs

Mitch points us to the new HuffBlog and torments some of the contributors (and rightfully so, I may add). But the PiPress also had an article pointing directing us to some 'celebrities' who are gaining popularity in the Blogoshpere.
Nothing's new about celebs using Web sites to cut out the middleman, i.e., those pesky reporters (who, us?). Melanie Griffith, of all the unlikely pioneers, started her own site in 2000. But stars are now using blogs to break news, as with Spears announcing the Pregnancy on hers. Liberal columnist and author Arianna Huffington soon will launch the "Huffington Report," a left-wing group blog with starry contributors Gwyneth Paltrow, Larry David and Warren Beatty.
Amongst those linked:

'FORMERLY ROSIE'I happen to know that frequent Centrisity commenter, GiGi, is addicted to Rosie's Blog. They even have a Rosie's Buddies Community site.

'STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS' More Britney, if we haven't had enough of her already. I mean, now that she's married and all, who cares, Right?!?

'SAJAK SAYS' Pat has joined forces with the Right Wing echo chamber to get out the latest talking point in his style.

PAMELA ANDERSON'S BLOG It's a fake, they say. And not a very good one at that!

'MRS. L'S MONTHLY' Rosanne Cash's blog, and probably the best one on this list.

'MELANIE GRIFFITH.COM' Far from a bandwagon jumper, Melanie has been posting since 2000.

'SERENA'S SCENE' Moments in the life of a tennis star.

'ZACH BRAFF'S GARDEN STATE BLOG' An inside perspective from an Indie movie director.

That oughta be enough to keep you busy the rest of the day!


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