Wednesday, April 06, 2005

MInority Coveting

Doug asks a GREAT question today.
Did we like being a minority party so much we're getting nostalgic for it or something?
He's commenting on this article found at the Moderate Voice. What got Doug all worked up?:
Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner III, R-Wis., told cable industry executives attending the National Cable & Telecommunications Assn. conference here on Monday that criminal prosecution would be a more efficient way to enforce the indecency regulations.
These guys are having a struggle corraling their own. This lack of leaderhip along with the splintering of their base will not bode well over the next year and a half. Of course, I won't have a big problem with it. The small tent party will have fewer and fewer to draw from as they build their campaign war chests. All the Left has to do is sit back and watch them impload, and then come out with their own ideas.

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