Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Final Word

Illinois lost. UNC was just too much for them and after laying a big fat egg in the first half, it was a forgone conclusion who was going to pull this one off.

My Wife, a big Michigan State fan, was all UNC last night. So it made for an interesting watch together.

The Final results in my sister's office pool are in. She had asked me the morning of the first round if I could share my picks with her. After seeing Kansas drop out in the first round, I was much the ridicule by her, and LearnedFoot as being 'mathematically eliminated' in the first round. As you can see by the results, the strong overall picks by this prognosticator were too much for anyone to overcome, even after losing my champion in the first round. The strong sheet of my sister, Linda F prevails.

Final Points Correct Champ
1 Linda F-----210 45 KA
2 Rich Reed---204 41 NC
3 Dan G-------200 40 DU
54 Vic D-------122 29 IL
55 Jason W-----116 27 KA
56 Jim K-------106 26 KA
It's all good. Now we enter a state of sporting doldrums, where all we have to look forward to is a Puppyless NBA playoffs, which simply doesn't match the energy of the NCAAs. Of course, there is always baseball season, but that is just an excuse to turn on the radio and drink beer in the garage.

Five months till football season!


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