Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here we go again!

Oh Oh, I wonder if the Ole Cap'n of Fishsticks has seen this:
I'll freely confess my biases. I'm the son of a public school principal, and I attended public schools all my life. But this point has always seemed blindingly obvious to me; of course there's an advantage for private schools in that they don't have to educate anyone difficult. Learning disabled? Out! Troublemaker? Out! Don't have money? Out!

Public schools, meanwhile, take anyone and everyone, and do the best they can. For all their work, they're ridiculed by the right as bastions of high treason and sloth.
This has always been the harbor of refuge for the anti voucher ilk. And regardless of what you hear from the other side, it has more validity than they will acknowledge.

I still am open to the idea of a system where half the state aid would travel with a student to a private institution, leaving the other half in the public system, thereby raising the pre capita expenditure. But I have yet to be convinced that this would be nothing more than the first step in a long term game plan to disrupt the public school systems.

Now that I have poked the Captain, we'll see if he awakes from hibernation and defends himself once again.


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